Wow, I’ve been bad about posting here.

Speaking of WoW (as in World of Warcraft), I’ve quit playing.  I’m having more fun playing (and working on Duels) and I just haven’t had time for WoW.  I was getting tired of it even before Duels fully consumed me.

Here are my issues:

  1. Takes too long to do anything.  2-6 hours to do any dungeon?  And for anything good, it was closer to the high end.
  2. To get any good gear takes 10 people and that’s Karazhan.  Got everything from there.  Which leads to:
  3. Nothing to do.  I’m in a top guild, but I’m a social member.  So I don’t get to raid much.  I don’t want to join another guild or raid every night, so there is pretty much nothing left to do.  Except:
  4. PVP…  I’m a hunter.  No one likes hunters in Arena.  It’s hard to find a good team as a hunter.  And I’m sure not starting over.

Many of the reasons I started Duels are encapsulated in that list.  I love Duels because:

  1. I can jump in and out.
  2. Play when I want across whatever time increment I want.
  3. I can keep it open in the background while I’m working (which in my case is on Duels, but still – there is a lot of work to do.)

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  • Reply Hyped |

    Hunters are good at PvP. I ran a hunter priest 2v2. You own anything with mana and if you are skilled you can kite mele.

    Not all that much room for you in 3v3 but a bunch of the top 5s run a hunter.

    As much as I like your Duels propaganda, most people play wow not because of the shiny graphics, but for the social aspect. Vent and a very simple chat interface make the game very appealing in that respect.

    In fact, duels would benefit greatly from some form of general chat. I’m not talking about a zerg channel–break it down–but a guild/class/lvl type breakdown. The forums just aren’t cutting it anymore.

    Keep posting, your blog is worse than Tabula Rasa.

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