• Reply Bill |

    Nonsense, partner. In France, the poor people actually rioted, burned things down, looted, and killed the rich people.

    Here, they would start trying all of the above and then the police and military would step in and quell the uprising.

    I keep telling my ultraconservative friends that if our country doesn’t do something to balance out the economy and help out poor people, we WILL become France…and I don’t mean the Socialist part.

  • Reply EK |

    What else would you expect from a Murdoch’s publication that nobody else takes seriously anymore? Bigger taxes, big unions and dictate of environmentalists are all stereotypical monsters that neocon media’s been trying to scare the public with.

    Nothing’s new here. And by the way, in some respects it wouldn’t hurt to become France.

  • Reply Dave |

    I was more afraid when Fox News took over the Wall Street Journal. The Bancroft family should have been tried for treason.

    Universal Health Care like New Zealand’s would be nice. Good for business and people alike. I wouldnt mind some French wine and cheese but I doubt the Dems could do anything about that.

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