Weekly CRR (Character Resale [Sales] and Recycling Report) and RMT Update (World of Warcraft)– [Week 3: 1/03/07]

Burning Crusade Relase is 01/16/07 — just under two weeks away.  People are running out of time to sell their major T3 accounts before they drop in value a lot. 

Accounts for Sale on eBay:  593 (new system for counting) 

Under the old system:  284 (up 74)

High Price:  $1,400 (6/9 T3 R14 Hunter)  [This account is not worth nearly that, the seller is smoking crack.]  This is down $100 and prices are trending down at the high end fast.

Highest Price w/Bid:  $1,000 (6/9 T3 Warrior w/ 3 Naxx Weapons)… there is also a rogue at $960 with 6/9 T3 and Naxx daggersLast week the highest price with a bid was $760, so it looks like people are buying. 

Accounts with Kel’Thuzad weapons:  1 (down 1)  – there is also a priest with Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian which one could argue is a KT weapon.

Accounts with Legendary items:  37 (Up 6)  (This number is somewhat inflated because it counts splinters of Atiesh and a lot of people have those – not too useful though unless you’re in a guild that can kill KT.) Gold (1000g Tichondrius): $258.50-$313.21 (up $70) (1000g Frostmane) $307.68-372.50 (up $170)

(Gold prices from IGE, EZgaming.   Alliance.)  Starting next week I will add WGSeller and MOGS to the list.  For comparison, WGSeller is $299.7 on Tich and has no gold on Frostmane, while MOGS is way underpriced on Frostmane at $129.77 and the same on Tich at $299.77.  (If they look identical next week, I’ll use both.  Also a previous commentor said IGE owned EZgaming – which may be true, but thei prices are a lot different.)


Gold is up dramatically.  I’m not sure why, could be a few reasons:

  • People are stocking up for TBC.
  • People are agressively buying stuff (in prep for TBC or PVP?)
  • Blizzard is doing a better job of enforcement.
  • Gold is harder to farm.  (I find this unlikely.)

But in the last two weeks gold is up well over $100/1000g.  That’s a lot of appreciation.

Accounts seem to be selling in the $600-$900 range for well equpped (6/9 T3) accounts ahead of TBC.  We’ll see what happens in two weeks.

If you want to sell your account:  DO IT NOW!  There will ikely be a dead time starting a few days before TBC and lasting until people start selling well equipped level 70s.  I could be wrong – maybe a lot of new people will sign-up with TBC and want 60s out of the gate.  But my bet is that anyone buying an account for TBC is going to want to have it transferred at least a few days before the expansion hits so they can start playing immediately.  And right now transfers are at TWO DAYS.



So, what do you think ?