Weekly CRR (Character Resale [Sales] and Recycling Report) and RMT Update (World of Warcraft)– [Week 2: 12/27/06]

World of Warcraft accounts for sale on eBay:  210 (down 49) 

High Price: $1,599 [Buy It Now] (0 bids at $899, 4/9 T3 Warrior with Thunderfury) (down $400)

2 Accounts with min bid / buy-it-now prices >= $1000 (down 11)

Highest Price w/Bid:  $760 (1 bid, 5/9 T3 Rogue)

Accounts with Kel’Thuzad weapons:  2 (down 2)

Accounts with Legendary items:  21 (This number is somewhat inflated because it counts splinters of Atiesh and a lot of people have those – not too useful though unless you’re in a guild that can kill KT.)  (down 12)

Gold (1000g Tichondrius): $188-$228.40 (up $27) (1000g Frostmane) $130-$212 (up $38)

(Gold prices from IGE, EZgaming.   Alliance.)

eBay doesn’t have much gold on sale this week so I wasn’t able to include it this week.

NOTE:  I’ve found an issue with my search for accounts for sale – it relies on 60 being in the title and I’m noticing a lot of accounts don’t have 60 in the title.  So it turns out this search is really difficult to construct.  After messing around with it, it looks like there are about 600 accounts for sale, but I’m working on refining the search to make it more accurate.  Once I create a new search I’ll post the results.

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    Why do you only compair IGE and EZgaming? EZ is owned by IGE.. Mogs, Wgseller are some other sites I use.. they are older companies as well.

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