Weekly CRR (Character Resale [Sales] and Recycling Report) and RMT Update (World of Warcraft)– [Week 1: 12/20/06]

This is a new thing I am doing.  I’ll track RMT (gold sales) and CRR (character sales) for World of Warcraft with weekly updates to see how the market is moving.  You will immediately see high variance (especially in gold) between servers and vendors.  I think the numbers for accounts and related information is pretty accurate, but I didn’t actually go count 259 accounts.  I’ll use the same searches every week for consistency – unless I spot a glaring error.

World of Warcraft accounts for sale on eBay:  259

High Price: $1,999 (0 bids, 7/9 T3 Mage)

13 Accounts with min bid / buy-it-now prices >= $1000

Highest Price w/Bid:  $999 (1 bid, 5/9 T3 Priest)

Accounts with Kel’Thuzad weapons:  4

Accounts with Legendary items:  33 (This number is somewhat inflated because it counts splinters of Atiesh and a lot of people have those – not too useful though unless you’re in a guild that can kill KT.)

Gold (1000g Tichondrius): $161-$199   (1000g Frostmane) $130-$212

(Gold prices from eBay, IGE, EZgaming.)

So, what do you think ?