Vista Sucks

Well after two hours I have Vista working.  It looks AWESOME in 1280×800 on my 30″ LCD.  WTF.  I’m not sure if it is Microsoft or NVidia who is at fault, but when you buy Vista Ultimate it should WORK.  I mean it is $259 for the upgrade and it is targetted at enthusiasts and gamers.  I have an NVidia 8800 GTX card in my PC.  Right now this is the best card out there.  It ran awesome on Windows XP SP2…. in 2560×1600.  Now the highest available resolution is 1280×800. 

This operating system has been in development for years and they still released it too soon. 

I guess I’m going to have to reinstall XP on this computer.  What fun.  Like I wanted to waste five hours on this crap. 

So maybe I’m part of the problem, because I like to buy the newest stuff which encourages the release of crappy products.  But when I have to think about downgrading a $600 video card because Vista won’t work with it, that is just retarded.  Microsoft and NVidia should be ashamed of themselves.

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  • Reply Marco |

    I am also running Vista with Apple 30″ and 8800 GTS , my problem is red noise and fog at bootup and in Vista. I got some improvements after upgrading Video Bios but still not perfect.
    A got another PC with same 8800 GTS and Vista and Dell 30″ and it works very good !
    Did you get rid of your problems ?

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