The PS3 Makes Time’s Buzz to Bust List

From Time:   5 Things That Went From Buzz to Bust

PS3 Coverage:


The big story in computer games this year was HOW TO BLOW A HUGE LEAD, by Sony. Its PlayStation 2 was the champ in the last round of the console wars. This time Sony bet on a chip called the Cell and a disc format called Blu-ray. They’re probably awesome, but how would anybody know? The PS3 is hideously expensive–it goes for up to $600–and Sony manufactured only a piddling few hundred thousand for the U.S., fewer for Japan. Plus it’s hard to write games for; the launch titles were lame. You know you’re in trouble when you get beat by something called a Wii.

It is interesting to see the backlash.  I am really curious to see how this turns out.  If one of the Halo games comes out about the time the PS3 supply loosens up that could be ugly for Sony.  I’m also curious to see if they break down and release a non-Blu-Ray PS3 (if they even can, I’m not sure if the PS3 game discs are Blu-Ray).

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Anyway, I’m just the messenger and I’ll continue to keep you informed.

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