iPhone Scouting Report

Ok, this afternoon I scouted out a few locations for next Friday.  I checked out an Apple Store and an AT&T Store.  I like these choices because they are near each other.  No one seemed to know much.  The guy I talked to at the AT&T Store said a couple of people had asked about camping out.  I’m not that crazy, but it is interesting.  The Apple Store has Wi-Fi, so if I hang out there I can at least work / browse the web / blog more effectively.  At least until my battery died – I didn’t see any power outlets outside the store.  Doh.

Anyway, if they haven’t put together a line strategy yet there may be problems.  Like are they going to give numbers?   How does one leave to use the facilities?  I don’t think I have someone willing to hang out all day with me.  That would make things easier. 

Right now I’m leaning towards waiting at the Apple Store. 

So, what do you think ?