iPhone Real World Trial

So yesterday my iPhone finally got fully switched on (incoming calls).  So I went out for dinner with a couple of my friends and continued on to have a few drinks in Austin’s Warehouse District (Fourth Street).  I didn’t have any issues with the phone – it didn’t feel weird in my pocket or anything.  No scratches either.

WiFi is way better than the Edge, but not available everywhere.  Although I expect that to change.  There is a downtown Austin wireless project sponsored by the city called COA_Mesh but I can’t get my iPhone to connect to it for some reason.

The SMS system is really cool.  It shows a list of people and you click on the people to see the SMS correspondence like a chat.  It’s very well done.

I’ve also already convinced at least one of my friends to get an iPhone – I should get some kind of referral thing.  🙂

Anyway – the iPhone continues to live up to the hype for me.  I love it. 

So, what do you think ?