iPhone Questions

I have two things I’m curious about with regards to the iPhone and what will happen after release:

  • Why isn’t Flash on it?  How long will it be before Flash is on it?  Is this some licensing issue (Apple doesn’t want to pay Adobe) or a technical issue (seems like if the iPhone is running Mac OS X this wouldn’t be the case)?
  • How long will it take someone to hack World of Warcraft to work on it?  It’s got 8 GB, if you don’t care about music you might be able to get WoW to run on it.  WoWPhone or the WoW iPhone….. The iPhone is 320×480 resolution and the lowest WoW setting I have is 800×600 – so that may be an issue. 

See iPhone Tech Specs for more info – they say it is running Mac OS X there.

So, what do you think ?