iPhone Countdown

Well it’s a week and a half away.  I’ve made the decision – I’m going to wait in line for it.  Here is why:

  • Verizon is really pissing me off.  My Q keeps running out of battery life in my house (bad signal) and I get bad reception at home and work.  No guarantee AT&T will be better, but I doubt it could be much worse.
  • I have an abnormally high addiction to shiny new gadgets of the technical variety.  I can’t help it.
  • I am really curious to see how the interface works – I think it could be a big step forward.  And well, like bullet 2 I just want to know and must have it.
  • I want to test my new game on it….. vaguely legitimate 😉
  • I have no self control on this issue.

So there you have it.  I’m plotting my strategy, which really consists of:

  • When do I show up?
  • Which store (2 Apple Stores in Austin or do I go for an AT&T store) do I go to?

I’ll keep you informed.

So, what do you think ?