Hello, world.

I’m not sure why anyone will care about what I have to say.  Except, perhaps, for the occasional person looking for start-up advice, info on games and movies, or that wants to follow the projects I’m currently working on.  Maybe one day one of these projects will take off and become really cool.  Until then, well, you’ll just have to pretend to be interested.  Unless you really are, in which case I’m glad.

 So, you ask, what are the projects?

 This is a perfectly reasonable question and I will introduce them all in due time.  Until then, I’ll mention briefly and in a totally obscure and worthless fashion that one of them is called Oxygen Games.  So hey, it’s a game company.  It’s, as is typical of whacky start-ups, in stealth mode.  So, I can’t talk much about it right now.  But soon enough!

Note:  This is not the first post on the blog anymore, I went and grabbed my favorite posts (which I thought might still be marginally insightful) and posted them here with their original timestamps. 

So, what do you think ?