eBay needs a Flag option like Craigslist

I’m sitting here looking at an auction that ends in 58 minutes.  It’s current bid is $353.18 (it is listed in pounds, hence the weird number).  So the lister has 100% positive feedback (29) and is in the UK.

However, I know this listing is a fraud.  It’s a World of Warcraft character (you’ll note that I’ve been tracking character sales in a weekly entry), so it is by definition unique.  This particular one was previously listed (the listing went down today) and this new listing is identical, including the picture.  It went up, with a shorter auction, while the other one was still there.  So I know one of them is a fraud and I’m assuming it is the more recently listed one (this one). 

This happens a lot, especially on virtual items.  If I could flag it I could save someone the pain of getting ripped off for $350-$400.  And since it is a virutal item it will be a royal pain to get it back since eBay and Paypal’s point of view on virtual items SUCKS.  That’s another blog entry though.

So if you are thinking of buying a World of Warcraft account on eBay (or anywhere else) be very careful. 

So, what do you think ?