Earth-like Planet: This Is Huge!

CNN article:  Scientists find most Earth-like planet yet

This is a huge deal.  Given how big the universe is and how little of it that we can actually see and we’ve already found an Earth-like planet.  We’re rapidly advancing the things we can see using more powerful telescopes and various other technologies and we’re seeing a lot more of the things around us in space.  This is a big deal.  I think there is a reasonable chance we see some strong indication of life on another planet in this century.  We might not get proof, but I think we’ll get close. 

This will change peoples perceptions of reality.  Right now, the idea of extra-terristerial life is so alien (excuse the pun) to most people that they don’t really consider it a real possibility.  I think even among the scientific community there is a high degree of skepticism.  I’ll admit to being skeptical, but I think given the size of our universe that it’s crazy to think that life has not developer elsewhere.  Discoveries will start to make the case for extra-terrestrial life very strong.  I never expected things to move this fast.  Finding an Earth-like habitable planet within out visual range is shocking and amazing.  Again taking the vastness of our universe and the little swath we can see and then finding this planet is, well, wow. 

I feel like I’m rambling now, so I’m going to stop…. but wow this is an amazing discovery.  The ramifications…

UPDATE:  Here is another cool article from Time – Life on the New Planet?

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