Dexter (Showtime)

I like this hsow a lot.  For a long time I thought Showtime’s attempts at original programming well, sucked.  But I was sick at home one day and I stumbled across Sleeper Cell.  It’s a show about an FBI agent who infiltrates a terrorist cell in Los Angeles.  That show was pretty amazing, definitely not some HBO wannabe, so I gave a few other shows a chance.  (BTW a new season of Sleeper Cell starts soon, it’s definitely worth checking out.)  I’m not a big fan of Weeds, but I think it’s production values are strong. 

But, I’m here to talk about Dexter.  Dexter Morgan is a blood spatter expert (which is basically a CSI type of thing) and a serial killer.  But his father, a police detective, discovered his sociopathic tendencies early and channeled him.  So he kills only bad people.  He investigates them, verifies they are guilty, then kills them.  In the location where he kills them he puts up exhibits showing their guilt.  It’s all-in-all pretty clever.  What makes it more interesting is the interwoven tail of another serial killer, whom Dexter is tracking.  I can’t really say any more without a major spoiler, but suffice it to say it is well done.  Watch this series.  There are only two episodes left, but you can watch the old ones on Showtime-on-Demand.  (Or at least I can on Time-Warner.)

HBO still made (makes) the two best series of all time though:  Entourage and the Sopranos.  I’m really looking forward to the next Entourage season.  Of course if there is no triumphant return of Ari, I’ll be pissed.

So, what do you think ?