Democrats vs. Republicans: The Worst of Both Worlds

Democrats Republicans Me
Socialist Leaning Free Market Capitalism R
Big Government Small Govermnent R
Big Spending Fiscal Conservatism R
Socially Liberal Socially Conservative D
Secular Religious messages D

The high-level positions are broad and represent the traditional positions. They are changing – for example the Republicans aren’t doing a particularly good job on the small goverment and fiscal conservatism fronts right now. And the democrats are starting to pander to the religious crowd.

Where-oh-where is a good party:

  • Understands and supports capitalism and free markets.
  • Keeps a leash on government spending.
  • Keeps the government small – bureaucracies are never effective.
  • Let’s people basically do what they want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.
  • Doesn’t push a religious agenda down people’s throats. (Yeah, like an abstinence policy is ever going to accomplish anything.)
  • Never mentions religion.

The biggest thing for me is:


If someone messes it up – it’s their fault. Don’t bail them out, let them take their lumps and grow and move on. And for the love of god get rid of the tons of lawyers out there suing our soceity into oblivion. If someone spills hot coffee on themselves – it’s not McDonald’s fault, it’s the persons fault. This type of crap is just getting out of hand.

That’s probably the biggest reason why I lean toward Obama. He at least acknowledges the personal responsibility issue. And he did it at the one rally I attended. Anyway, I think this is possibly the single biggest issue facing the future of our country. If people don’t take responsibility for their actions then we’re screwed. We will become a soceity afraid to take risks, afraid to go outside, and afraid to interact – all while looking over our shoulders waiting to see if we are about to get sued.



So, what do you think ?