Apple’s Announcements at MacWorld

I’m a gadget guy.  I like to have all the shiny new stuff.  I’ll admit to being skeptical about an Apple phone though.  I’m really not interested in a phone that plays music….  I mean I have an iPod (that I use on planes and in my car) and I listen to iTunes on my computer, but I’m not into it on my phone.  Partially because of battery life issues.  Anyway, personal bias aside, I think the Apple iPhone (or whatever it ends up being called after the being sued by Cisco) looks really cool.  I like the interface and that it does all the things a smart phone does and seems to make browsing better. 

I have a Motorola Q now, for which I was forced to switch to Verizon.  I guess in June I will be forced to switch to Cingular to get the iPhone.  That sucks, because after some of the issues I’ve had in the past with Southwestern Bell (subsequently SBC, then AT&T, and now subsuming Cingular too) I swore never to give them another dime.  I’m going to rationalize it by pretending Apple gets all the money.

Also of note, was the Apple TV (originally called iTV).  I ordered one.  I’ll post a review when I get it.  It looks like it could be cool.  And I’d be glad to see DVDs (and this whole stupid debate between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray) disappear just like CDs did.

Kudos to Apple for again releasing really cool products!

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