Traffic Trifecta

First on Techcrunch: Ready To Kill Some Time (And Some Enemies)? Try

– This resulted in a ton of traffic. It brought the servers to their knees.

Second, the article shows up on Digg: – New Free Online WOW-like Game and Social Network Launches

– It became popular on Digg, eventually making the homepage. It currently has 500 diggs. This finished the servers off.

We doubled our server capacity.

– There was still tons of traffic coming in. We had to tune MySQL.

Meanwhile it also made the home page of (on the hotlist) and got picked up on a myriad of other blogs.

Next I’ll post some graphs.

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  • Reply Ev |

    Cool. Congrats. Can you post things like HTTP requests/sec, SQL-queries/sec and number of servers and their specs?

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