The Sopranos Finale

So I like the Sopranos… I don’t worship it though.  It’s a pretty good show and I’ve watched it on and off.  I’ve been a little bit more of an avid spectator for the last season because, well, it is the last season.  Now it’s over.  And let me say:  the finale kind of sucked.  I mean last week was pretty good and built up to what could have been a compelling end.  But really nothing got wrapped up.  I guess that’s ok but (vague spoiler) when a show ends in such a way that you think your DVR screwed up and cut off…. well that is just dumb.  I mean it wasn’t even a fade to black.  It was just black.  WTF.  Oh well, I guess it’s different.  But I hope it’s not a trend, shows that end with a straight cut to black after years – that’s a cop out in my opinion. 

So, what do you think ?