The Burning Crusade

So far so good.  I braved the Texas Blizzard of 2007 (lol) to get my copy at midnight Monday (or Tuesday depending).  BTW, a Texas Blizzard basically means freezing rain or the possibility of freezing rain.  In this case there was some freezing and it even snowed a little on Tuesday.  OMG! 

So anyway, during the freezing craziness of this last week I got some time to play.  I am now level 63.  Exciting!  I like the new expansion.  Advancing again is fun.  Exploring new areas again is fun.  Lots of cool new monsters and landscapes. 

More to come.

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    OK, now I have “gear envy.” I never used to be bothered by seeing Level 60’s running around with their epic “stuff” – but now they are grinding right next to me on the same mobs! Worse is when I spend whack after whack trying to kill the Hellboar to watch some guy next to me take it down with one blow. Crap.

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