Stupid Lawsuits: $65 million for a pair of pants

Story:  Judge’s missing pants lead to big suit

So the dry cleaner loses this guy’s (who happens to be a judge) favorite pair of pants.  That sucks.  He asks for $1,000 (the whole price of the suit).  They find the pants.  He says, “Nope, not my pants!”  (Paraphrased.)   He sues.  The dry cleaner has offered to settle for $3k, $4.6k, and $12k.   So he says no and comes up with some crap about not being able to use that dry cleaner, having to rent a car to drive to another one, etc.  [NOTE:  WTF planet does this guy live on?]

Anyway, this guy should be stripped of his judgeship and disbarred.  We have huge problems with frivolous lawsuits and a judge shouldn’t be setting this kind of example. 



So, what do you think ?