iPhone Update: My Big Issues (Negative)

So I’ve had the iPhone for almost a month.  There are parts of it I really like.  Everyone writes about what they like though, so I’m going to skip that part.

Here are my issues (ie: what I don’t like):

  • My biggest issue with the iPhone is e-mail.  (Not the edge, the way e-mail is handled.)  I generally blame Google / GMail for this.  Here are my issues:
    • GMail uses this funky “threading” mechanism for conversations (e-mail exchanges with the same titles) which is pretty cool on the web.  It sucks in an e-mail application.  Google, please, for the love of tech gadgets, give me a way to turn this off in POP.
    • Better yet, give me IMAP.  Please, please, please.  I think adding IMAP support (so I could ditch POP) would make my GMail / iPhone experience ten times better.
      • I believe this would solve a myriad of other issues I have with e-mail that are related to how POP works.  I never had these issues on my Q with the Mobile Outlook client.
      • It might also make me a user / fan of the Google Calendar.  (Which I don’t currently use – I’m just keeping my calendar directly in the iPhone.)
    • Apple:  Change the GMail mechanism in the e-mail client to support addresses that are not “@gmail.com”.  I use commercial GMail (ie: my own domain) and not being able to put those accounts in there is annoying.
  • More on e-mail.  Apple, these are for you:
    • Let me play WAV attachments.  WTF?  I mean I know you guys are kind of proprietary, but give me a break.  I just want to listen to my Vonage voicemail on my iPhone.
    • Show my new e-mail account for all my e-mail accounts on the unlock screen so I don’t have to go through the hassle of unlocking and looking to see if I have new e-mail.
    • Even better, show me the number of new mails since last time I looked instead of the absolute new mail count.
  • Austin has this citywide wireless network that appears as COA_Mesh.  It isn’t iPhone friendly (possibly the same network structure, ie: Cisco, as the Duke network that was covered as having iPhone issues) becuase it requires some confirmation screen and, well, it never seems to work. 
    • Cisco:  Please fix your network infrastructure stuff so it is iPhone friendly.
    • Austin:  Please beat on Cisco to fix it and, hey, ideally turn off that stupid confirmation screen.
    • Apple:  Please add the ability to exclude wireless networks that you have connected to in the past.  Since I connected once, my iPhone keeps trying to connect to it.  Since it can, technically, get a WiFi connection it thinks it is connected but can’t actually do anything.
  • Fix this Vista issue.  I’m not sure what’s going on, but Vista blue screens when I try to sync music or pictures.  I admit I haven’t tried it in a week or so…. largely because it pissed me off.

So to summarize my plea(s) for help:

  • Apple:  Add a little bit better e-mail support.  Fix the WiFi handling.
  • Google / GMail:  Please, I’m begging you, add IMAP support to GMail (even if it is just for commercial users).
  • City of Austin:  Fix COA_Mesh to be iPhone friendly.


BTW, even with all these gripes I don’t regret my iPhone purchase.  I love the browser (except when it crashes, which it does a lot btw). 


  • Reply B. |

    Stumbled onto this post via google (searching for why coa_mesh doesn’t work on my iphone). Just wanted to leave a quick note that if you mean that you don’t want it to automatically connect to coa_mesh whenever you’re in range, then you can go to Settings > WiFi > coa_mesh info arrow > Forget this network. Wasn’t sure if you meant that or that it asks you if you want it to connect whenever you’re in range.

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