iPhone on the Edge

So from my little bit of research on EDGE, it seems like it tops out at about 384kbps and averages more like 150ish.  That’s not really all that slow.  I mean yeah a few mbps would be better.  But speed really isn’t that important for e-mail and well the web…

I have a Motorola Q on Verizon right now.  And my web experience has been consistently horrible.  Pages don’t load, it’s slow, etc.  It’s basically worthless.  E-mail works nice (Outlook is pretty good on Windows Mobile and it talks to my Exchange server pretty well).  But the web, not so much.  I tried to look up an NBA finals basketball score a few weeks ago.  Verizon’s little portal thing sucks.  ESPN won’t load.  Etc.

So I have a lot of confidence in Steve Jobs and Apple to get the experience right.  And frankly I’d rather have a browser that renders ESPN correctly running at 200kbps than one that’s running 10 times faster but can’t render the page.  One of those is useful, the other is not.

So, what do you think ?