HoWii Crap!

So, I got a Wii.  I paid about $50 over retail through craigslist, which I thought was reasonable to get it now.  I’ve never been a big Nintendo fan, I always thought they made kids stuff.  I mostly bought the Wii because I was curious about how the controller would work and how games would take advantage of it. 

So first I’ll admit:  I have only played Wii Sports – the basic game that comes with it.  (I have Zelda and Red Steel, but haven’t had time to try them yet.)  On Wii Sports I’ve played Boxing and Tennis.  And I have to say:  I like them

They are also seem to be good exercise, especially if you playing them standing up, which is how you should play them.  I can’t imagine playing them sitting down, that just seems weird.  The WSJ had a story about this called Wii Workout, which was pretty interesting. 

I’m pretty impressed.  The PS3:  not so much.  And I’m sure not paying a $400 premium for it.  I have an XBOX 360 (see my GamerTag in the gutter) already and I don’t see anything that makes me think the PS3 will deliver anything much better.  I’m sure in a year we might see something.  But until then, I think Gears of War is a killer 360 app.  And hey, in a year there will be Halo 3.

I generally prefer PC games anyway.

So, what do you think ?