Follow-up: Seagate CEO Interview “Apology”

This is the apology thread from Fortune / Business 2.0:  Seagate CEO apologizes for porn remark

It’s unfortunate that his PR flacks got a hold of this.  If you can’t make a joking reference to porn (which has been a clear driver of most new technologies including VCRs, DVDs, the Web, etc.) as a business driver for storage then what  the hell?  I liked the interview a lot because it was pretty candid and open.  After reading it I had a lot of respect for Bill Watkins.  That respect isn’t diminished by this apology, but it just further illustrates that the PR (and I’ll point the finger at the other evil R – HR) has to package and many everything.

People should be real.  Passion is good.  Political correctness is the death of creativity.

So, what do you think ?