Duels Update

Duels is still growing like crazy. In two weeks we’ve already crossed 13,000 registered users. Today we’re bringing up some new database hardware – should kill the last of our performance issues – and making some cool changes:

  • New Set – Duels Core Set II. We’ve gone through 250,000 packs in the last two weeks so we’re putting the next set up today. We will also be introducing a new expansion set soon as well.
  • New UI improvements:
    • An inventory management page which will make it easier for you to buy/sell items and manage the items you have.
    • A new challenge management page that should make it easier for you to keep track of manage your duels and skirmishes.
    • A myriad of smaller tweaks.

This should be a nice step forward on serveral fronts.


  • Reply Matt R Davis (Profit) |

    Sweet to hear about the update, especially Duels Core Set II. I started playing Duels via Digg & those first few days were absolute hell, spending 3-4 hours online just to get 10-15 duels done. Been running a lot smoother lately & even though I might’ve made some bad character choices I’m really diggin’ the game.

    Good job & thanks!

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