Average 12 Year Old > Your Congressman

Well that’s what this article says 83% of people surveyed believe:

 The average 12 year old knows more than your Congressman about the Internet / web.   

I believe it.  They certainly know more than Ted Stevens.

Speaking of delusional politicians.  This article is even better:  Reality check: 95 percent of Americans had premarital sex.  My favorite quote: 

However, Janice Crouse of Concerned Women for America, a conservative group which strongly supports abstinence-only education, said she was skeptical of the findings.

“Any time I see numbers that high, I’m a little suspicious,” she said. “The numbers are too pat.”

While I do agree that statistics can be pretty heavily manipulated, I think this is pretty close to accurate.  What I think this quote highlights is the fact that we have a sub-section of the U.S. population who lives in a fantasy land where tubes deliver the Internets (that thing most of us call e-mail) and where people don’t have premaritial sex.  

I love how they always have someone to contridict everything though.  There is always some Executive Director of some random association who is totally convinced of their weird view.

Some good news:  School board abandons evolution sticker case.   The key point:

“The settlement brings to end a long battle to keep our science classes free of political or religious agendas,” parent Jeffrey Selman said in a statement

A few more notes on politicians:

Church and State:  Lawmaker won’t apologize for ‘Islamophobic’ letter

I don’t think this guy gets the separation of church and state idea.  I think we should get rid of Bibles and Qurans for this kind of stuff.  Religion (any religion) should have no place in government.  [Plug:  Flying Spaghetti Monster]

Being an idiot:  Senator questions judge’s role in lesbian wedding

Neff has said she attended the commitment ceremony as a friend of one of the two women, a longtime neighbor.

She insisted in an October 12 letter to Brownback that the ceremony had no legal effect and would not influence her ability to act fairly as a federal judge.

Wow!  She went to commitment ceremony (I guess that’s a gay marriage?) and now this guy is running her through the ringer?  I like how the article says “role” like she had some important role in it and wasn’t just a guest.  (I don’t know since I wasn’t there, but all I can see is that she just went because she was friends with one of the women.)  So it’s not like she presided over it or was in it or anything.  She just went and boom! this guy is all over her.  That’s a little out of hand.



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  • Reply Todd Daniels |

    You may think I’m intolerant, too, but look at the Qu’ran. It is a religious document, yes. But it is conflicting with the Constitution, which all government officials swear to uphold. First, it says in Sura 9:73 “Prophet, make war on the unbelievers and hypocrites and deal rigorously with them.” i.e. beat, torture, kill, etc… Okay, you said separation of church and state… (That’s a misnomer, by the way, it’s really called “establishment clause,” and it’s much more complex than that)…

    Hadith 9:57 “Whosoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him.” These are commandments to every Muslim…

    Sura 48:29 says “Mohammed is Allah’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another.”

    Anyway, what sense does it make to take an oath to uphold the constitution while swearing on a book of your religious faith that says to trample the rights (life, liberty, happiness) of everyone who does not agree….? Are the Bible and the Constitution so disharmonious?


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