I knew this going into it.  I wish Apple had picked T-Mobile or someone who actually gives a shit about their customers. 

Great experience:

  • Wait in line for six hours.
  • Get iPhone.
  • Woot.
  • Go home.
  • “Activate” on iTunes.  (Which presumably was done to take people out of the equation and make it faster.)
  • Get through activation.
  • Get e-mail – “it will take 24 hours to transfer your number”
  • Get another e-mail cannot activate.
  • Call AT&T – “WTF?”
  • “It takes time to transfer a number.”
  • “No it doesn’t, last time I did this it took less than 15 minutes.”
  • “Oh, it’s the high volume of transfers.”
  • (Thought bubble): Bullshit, it’s fucking computers.
  • “Oh really?  Well why can’t I just activate my phone while I wait?”
  • “You can’t activate it until the tranfer.”
  • “Really? That’s not what the FAQ/website say.”
  • “Oh, uhm, it can take up to 24 hours.”
  • “What if I want a new number?”
  • “That takes up to 6 hours.”
  • (Thought bubble): WTF?  If I just went into any wireless store on the planet and bought a phone service would be on with a new number INSTANTLY.  Does iPhone somehow make provisioning harder?
  • Click.

WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU PEOPLE THINKING!  If people are waiting in line to buy your product, you shouldn’t shaft them at the end. 

Really disappointing.

Oh and you can’t use the phone in this state so I can’t even start configuring it or doing anyhting.  VERY NICE.

I swore I would never use AT&T again.  iPhone came out.  Apple forces me to use AT&T.  I get the shaft I knew would come.


So, what do you think ?