Apple TV: Experimenting with Movies

I rented No Country for Old Men this weekend on Apple TV. It was my first attempt at renting. It wasn’t ideal. I let it download for a bit before I started watching it and it still stopped midway through. So I watched some other DVRed stuff before returning and watching the rest. This wasn’t a great experience – it definitely broke the pacing and immersion of the movie.

So I tried again, this time I bought Revolver (a Guy Ritchie movie with Jason Stratham that I’d never heard of before). I let it start downloading. Found 28 Weeks (or maybe Days) Later and left that on while I watched some work. Then I watched Revolver. No issues. (Maybe it wasn’t true HD, the “buy” option is a little ambiguous about what you get – “iTunes Widescreen Format”, what the hell is that?). The quality was pretty good, the movie was reasonably good – although really weird.

I’m not sure it’s ready for primetime, but it is pretty cool. I’m getting ready to move so I haven’t spent much time setting up the configuration I want. I really want to have all this media on my Windows Home Server, but I have heard it is corrupting iTunes stuff in some cases so I’m waiting for a patch to mess with that. Until then I’ll just mess around with the Apple TV directly.

So, what do you think ?