ALERT: World of Warcraft In-Game Scam (COD E-mails)

A quick warning.  On Kil’Jaeden (where I play) there is a new scan going on and I expect it is probably happening on other servers as well.

You get an ingame mail from the Argent Dawn saying something like:

Thank you for all your hard work killing demons for the Argent Dawn, please accept this gift as a small token of our appreciation.

The mail will claim to be from some Argent Dawn figure and will have an attached package – typically one of the various gift wrapped items (like the reward from those grudge-covered objects in Gnomeragon). 

The scam is that it is COD and it’s easy to fall for because it looks like you are getting a present and 100g/300g (whatever they send).  But really you are getting a present for 100g/300g COD gold.  So when you click you lose the gold.  Boom!

I got one of these for 300g and fortunately didn’t fall for it.  I’ve seen several people sending warnings about the scam in general chat.  So be careful, it would suck to have some random scam yank hundreds of gold from you.



  • Reply Graeme |

    I received the same in-game scam message while playing on my main on Shadow Council. I knew it was a scam but wanted to see what the “gift” was; it was a level five grey axe. The cost was 90 gold. Reported it to Blizzard, gave the reason why I did it, and the players name. Got my 90 gold back, and the player banned. Best part was a day later a mini patch banning the sending of wrapped gifts appeared.

  • Reply Mark |

    Yeah, I had that happen to one of my guildies. It sucks that some people who play WoW feel the need to ruin other players’ experiences. On Hellscream US, this is actually still going on. Lame.

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